June Res 2014 Day 2


Thor’s Day.

By Thor…I needed all the help I could get.

No, that’s not quite right. I was 90% prepared, going into the morning. I had piloted the in-room technology the day before, things worked fine. I had given myself plenty of time to run out to get treats to encourage class participation. Had prepped a few side documents (a roll sheet, a notes page as a guide to remind me of points, or keep me from rambling). Then I got to the campus computer lab, and the server was being wonky, and not letting me print. In the classroom, the tech had been changed so the display was that of the overhead projector, not the mirror-display from the computer.

While the monitor issue was resolved, I was still faced with presenting without my formal notes. Good thing I had been giving serious thought to performing my presentation as I was putting it together. Add a certain degree of passion about the subject, and I was able to do a fair share of winging my way through. I ended a little on the shorter side, and the debrief included a couple of possible activities I could have used to stretch the time a little longer, but I passed, which is ultimately the primary concern.

Let me explain. Remember that “Teaching Popular Fiction” course I mentioned? Students coming out of that class do teaching presentation at their next Residency. I was lucky enough to get mine done on the first day, lifting much of the pressure and antica…..pation that might have been there had I not been slated for later in the Res.

The afternoon module I had opted for was “The 30-Minute Novel,” for Reasons. From my mentor meeting, (two days prior, before Orientation), I had been given the green light to start work on another project. During this module, I added flesh to a story skeleton I had been tinkering with, getting a clearer idea for how it may play out.

Then came a (relatively) quiet night.

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