June Res 2014 Day 1

The first session is a split one. During the 3-hour morning block, there is a (mixed) “Discussion of the Common Reading” session, followed by a class-specific breakout workshop.

An aside. I think I’ve mentioned before that there is a common text selected for each Residency, that varies based on a genre schedule. January, for instance, we read NOS4A2 by Joe Hill (Horror). Two years ago, when I started, it was The Hunger Games (YA). This time, the text was The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman.

A second aside. The program is structured to cover five academic semesters. The first three are (usually) “Readings in Genre” courses. The fourth term is when students take the “Teaching Popular Fiction” course. It is the students in that course that are given the opportunity to assemble materials (handout or Powerpoint presentation) that are used for the discussion sessions for the common reading at the next Res.

I was one of the four people that worked on the materials. They went over well.

Then came our breakout session: Reading Aloud, along with a brief discussion of what we need to be prepared for in this last semester, if we plan on graduating in January.

After lunch saw the start of the formal modules. I had selected “Media Tie-ins.” They were one of my gateways, way back when (gaming related books, ST:TOS and TNG novels), that I wouldn’t be opposed to one day playing in other peoples universes.

I sat in on one of the thesis readings that night, before putting the finishing touches on my teaching presentation, set for the next morning.

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