Repurposing: Pidhirtsi Castle, Ukraine

It should come as no surprise that I like castles. I mean, come on…castles! One thing that is interesting is the shift in architecture through the additions. Or, if recorded history is available, the change in uses of the structure is also interesting to consider. Pidhirtsi Castle is one of those places (it’s an interesting read, especially the descriptions of some of the details).


You can go here for some more from the gallery above. (Warning: the site’s a little awkward. There’s a link to “show all on one page” that appears to be broken, you’ll have to manually click for each page.) Or go here for Flickr photos.

There’s also a story of a possible haunting: a “Woman in White,” where one of the former owners “buried his young wife. alive, in one of the walls of the palace.

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