Seven Day Mile on MVM

There was this little movie, in 2007, called Once. It was indie, but was nominated for multiple Oscars (including a win for Best Original Song), and even spawned a Broadway adaptation. At the center of the movie is Glen Hansard’s character, Guy. According to the bonus features (yes, I watch them), the director had originally approached Hansard about writing or using some of his songs for the movie. Hansard, you see,  had been busking since he was 13, and formed The Frames around 1990. (In the end, they essentially said, “This is silly. It’s your music, you should play the role.”)

A few years later, 2009, I’m watching the season opener of House (Season 6), and this song starts playing at the end of the second episode. The voice sounded familiar, and via the power of the interwebs, I discovered it was, in fact, The Frames. This is that song.


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