Repurposing: Carey’s Castle, County Waterford

In continuing the March (read: Irish) trend that I’ve got in place with the Monday Videos, I’m focusing on Irish locations for the next few weeks.

First up: Carey’s Castle, in County Tipperary

From what I’ve seen, it was built by a family of schoolmasters sometime in the 1800s, and was a resident for monks at some point. I found a collection of pictures here, that I give a better feel for the structure and the surrounding area. From what I’ve found, there is apparently a good walking trail nearby.

If you follow the link to the collection, you’ll notice a mix of archetectural styles — the multiple arch designs stuck out for me (some curved, some pointed, and a few blocked).

For another take on pictures, consider these, taken more recently, and in Black & White.

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