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Breakeven (Falling to Pieces) on MVM

Something that I didn’t realize with the amount of radio play this song has gotten since it’s 2008 release… The Script is from Ireland.

This week’s video was their third single (UK), but was the first to be released in the US.

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Repurposing: Newgrange

That’s right: Newgrange. Or, if you’re more commerially minded: Newgrange.

(Or you can go here for a lot of images on Flickr.)

This is perhaps one of the best example of something that can be repurposed into fiction. Mounds, in general, have. Fantasy is the obvious choice, but it could translate just as easily to SF, or Horror…or as a set piece in a mystery.

A unique feature to Newgrange is that, on the Winter Solstice, the sun (still) shines down the central passage into the burial chamber. So many story options to consider, or cultures to create…

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Seven Day Mile on MVM

There was this little movie, in 2007, called Once. It was indie, but was nominated for multiple Oscars (including a win for Best Original Song), and even spawned a Broadway adaptation. At the center of the movie is Glen Hansard’s character, Guy. According to the bonus features (yes, I watch them), the director had originally approached Hansard about writing or using some of his songs for the movie. Hansard, you see,  had been busking since he was 13, and formed The Frames around 1990. (In the end, they essentially said, “This is silly. It’s your music, you should play the role.”)

A few years later, 2009, I’m watching the season opener of House (Season 6), and this song starts playing at the end of the second episode. The voice sounded familiar, and via the power of the interwebs, I discovered it was, in fact, The Frames. This is that song.


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Yet another Beowulf!

Because, you know, you can never have too many version of the story, right? Right. I saw this over at Tor yesterday…

Which, of course, means it automatically lands on the “something to eventually be acquired” list. Why? Not simply because it’s “something new and shiny from the Tolkien estate” (which I got over some time ago). I’m interested for multiple reasons. The obvious treat will be to see lecture notes, and how he discussed the work in a classroom. Honestly, that’s what I’m most interested in seeing. However, I have a copy of Heaney’s translation on the shelf, and think it would be fun to compare the two (then, to make it more interesting, toss in the Beowulf script book from the 2009 Gaiman/Avary movie, as a view of the story).


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Repurposing: Tyrone House, County Galway

The Tyrone House, in County Galway, has an interesting history. It was destroyed by the IRA during the Irish War of Independence in 1920 , amid suspicions the Black and Tans might use it as an infirmary.

The house was vacant at the time, but what if it wasn’t? This is one of those “thought experiment” situations, appropriae for repurposing into fiction…either a modified historical, or transpose it to a completely different setting. Hmmmm….

Or go here for more pictures, or here (which incorporates the first set).

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Humble Bundle, Take 3

If yuo’ve been following this site for a while, you may remember when I plugged something called the Humble Bundle last year. It’s back, this year featuring Jumper by Steven Gould! (There are a slew of good titles, but this is enough to make me interested. He’s the current SFWA President, and was an instructor at Viable Paradise the year I went.) On top of the books, there’s also an Audiobook version of Corey Doctorow’s Homeland, narrated by Wil Wheaton.

Check out version 3, and do what you feel.

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Going Crazy on MVM

The 360 tour was an awesome experience. One of my favorite moments, though, was the rearrangement of this song, with Larry coming out from behind the kit. The album version was okay, but this version had more energy, akin to Discotheque (which, according to Wiki, was a deliberate thing).


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Happy St. Patrick’s!

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Have some Pi!

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Repurposing: Duckett’s Grove

Duckett’s Grove. So very much, this. Between the size of the structure, the tower designs, this is the sort of place that hits most of my “use this in a story” buttons. (Go here for a series of pictures.)

After being in the Duckett family for over 300 years, the last of the line around 1916. There’s also rumored to be a banshee attached to the property. In the early 1930s, a “mysterious fire” led to the current ruined state.

Here’s a picture from before the fire:

Or this one, for a more ominous look:


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