Repurposing: Japan

While looking for intersting sites, I found this site for an old military facility in Tomogashima, Japan. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find anything more specific (for historical context of the facility), So beyond saying that it reminds me of much greener Fort Macon, which is interesting enough, I’ll leave leave that facility for something else.

Something like this:

Identified as the Asama Volcano Museum, my first impression is that of a villain’s bunker from a James Bond movie (or, with the snow, that sequence from Inception). It’s interesting to read blogs by folks that do the exploring. The Volcano Museum, for example, they guy’s gone back a few times (including as part of a team doing a documentary), but that first trip? He mentions a stop they make to explore a tunnel.

Why is it scary to do that? Well. According to Jason, he’s concerned about ghosts and monsters. Not me though. I’m concerned about real people. Mad people, I suppose. Anybody mad enough to hang out in a place like that, in the dark, is not a regular human and probably quite dangerous. So that’s what I worry about when I go into these places.

That line, right there, second from the end. That is the sort of thing that gets me, as a seed for something — a scene? A story? A novel? I don’t know, it would vary with the individual, but that’s where the fun is.

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