Jan Res 2014 Day 4


Another day slow to wake, finally getting up around 7:30, but headed to campus by quarter past eight.

Workshop in the morning, much less to process since my work wasn’t being discussed. After lunch, the first of the requisite “guest speaker” sessions. This was an odd residency for the guest speaker. Normally, the guest is only here for a day, a long afternoon session for the program and a public event at night open to the public. This time, though, he’s serving as a guest lecturer for the university for the semester, so he’s also taught a few of the modules.

The session was good, a discussion about “What Makes a Genre Classic?” (which included several examples of percieved works, influenced by the fact he’s from the UK).

During the dinner break, those ofus with a “Mystery” bend went off to dinner (there are genre specific dinners/events, open to anyone in the program). It was our usual Italian place, a fair clip from campus, but an easy drive after the first trip out.

The night session, discussing “Truth in Fiction” was the usual short block for the public (about an hour), with a signing & reception after.

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