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Jan Res 2014 Day 5

Wednesday. The last day.

This is the day where the schedule flips, with the classroom session being taught in the morning and critique sessions in the afternoon.

I took “Magic, Rituals and Religion in Horror, SF & Fantasy” with Scott Johnson (new blog), because it appeals to my world-building sensibilities, and figured it would help several of the ideas that I’ve been kicking around for the last couple of years. I’ve heard rumor of this module (it’s not a regular offering), so I figured best to grab it while I could.

(I took more notes for this one session than I did for the entire rest of the week. Safe to guess I got a lot from the session.)

After lunch was the workshop session, but only two instead of the usual three, before the graduation.

Graduation. The end of the road. This was the fourth group that I’ve seen finish the program, but this one was more…meaningful? I guess that’s the closest I can find. These are folks that were staples since I started the program. Some of them, I still remember pieces of stories they I had been involved in workshop sessions for (one of which was during my first ever crit session in the program, in those first days when I was questioning if the program was really right for me). With the amount of personal reading and stories that I’ve had to critique while in the program, the fact that I remember their stories at all, let alone some of the specifics of those scenes this far removed, says something. Outside of my own “class,” many of them were the first ones I really started connecting with. June will be different without them there.

Afterward, there was the usual packing for the drive back, with intervals of mingling in the hotel lobby, a group dinner, and starting on work for the term. And sleep. Lots of sleep.

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Jan Res 2014 Day 4


Another day slow to wake, finally getting up around 7:30, but headed to campus by quarter past eight.

Workshop in the morning, much less to process since my work wasn’t being discussed. After lunch, the first of the requisite “guest speaker” sessions. This was an odd residency for the guest speaker. Normally, the guest is only here for a day, a long afternoon session for the program and a public event at night open to the public. This time, though, he’s serving as a guest lecturer for the university for the semester, so he’s also taught a few of the modules.

The session was good, a discussion about “What Makes a Genre Classic?” (which included several examples of percieved works, influenced by the fact he’s from the UK).

During the dinner break, those ofus with a “Mystery” bend went off to dinner (there are genre specific dinners/events, open to anyone in the program). It was our usual Italian place, a fair clip from campus, but an easy drive after the first trip out.

The night session, discussing “Truth in Fiction” was the usual short block for the public (about an hour), with a signing & reception after.

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