Repurposing… An Australian Train Station (Helensburg)

There are several things I have soft spots for, that I find interesting and, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind exploring in blazing sunlight hours. Maybe it’s the years of D&D, wondering what it would be like to physically explore catacombs and the like (tempered in my old age with the paranoia of who knows what may actually be in said ruins).

One of them is anything train & subway related. To think that that much work was put into human transportation, only to be left derelict because it was decided to move the line a few hundred yards (in some cases).

Like this one:

That’s in Australia, the Helensburgh Railway Station, abandoned for just such a reason, in 1915. Follow the link above for more images, and more information on the location (including a link to the region’s Histoical Society).

There’s even some footage on Youtube of a few locals exploring (the first 1:20 or so). 

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