Writing Experiments (for Worldbuilders)

I’ve made no bones about advocating that writerly folks should check out (the Hugo Award-Winning!) Writing Excuses podcast. One of the folks on the cast, indeed likely the one with biggest name recognition when they started, is epic-fantasy author Brandon Sanderson.

Pat Rothfuss does a thing every year to raise money for Worldbuilders.

This year (the 2013 season), one of the stretch goals included ” Brandon Sanderson – Live Streams a Story.” As Sanderson describes it:

…this is going to be so very much more than such a simple sentence indicates. If we hit Pat’s goal, I’m going to get on Twitch.tv (a streaming site with an integrated viewer chat) and then I’m going to brainstorm and write a story according to audience direction.

That’s right, I’ll let you have a say in deciding turning points, descriptions, and general mayhem in the story. I’ll explain what I’m doing each of the way via Twitch’s integrated webcam feature, and will try to do an extended Q&A as well.

The thing happened last week, and the full video is here. If you’re interested in process (especially if you’re a fan of Sanderson’s), go check it out. WARNING: the full video’s about 4.5 HOURS long, so you may need to plan for installment viewing unless you have a large block of time to devote to the feed.

As of this writing, there’s still a few stretch goals to be unlocked, and just over a week before the 2013 iteration closes, if you are inclined to donate or bid on any ofthe remaining auctions.

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