Jan 2014 Res: Day 3


After the long day and late night, I was slow to wake, stumbling from bed at half past seven. By quarter after 8, I was on my way to campus. My story was on the block for the crit session. I had submitted an older piece, one that I liked, had shopped around a little, but couldn’t put my finger on why it wasn’t working. This is an example of why distance works, and a sign of my growth as a writer. Skimming through pages at the start of the session, I noticed some of the tendencies that have been pointed out in my thesis, that I am actively fixing in the novel. (Holy fuck, how many times do I have to name check the character if it’s supposed to be close 3rd? Answer: a LOT less than I did.)

Bonus: It was suggested that the piece would make a good seed point for a longer work, maybe a novel. At the suggestion of “expanding toward a novel” three possible story lines started taking shape. Two of them lend themselves to a possible installment with a series character I’ve been considering. See that? Series. (Remember the module from Saturday? And no, the series is not a romance.)

After lunch, I had a business session: Marketing and Recent Trends. This is a genre specific session, and is cyclical, changing with each residency. Each genre is done only once every six residencies. This time was Mystery (Science Fiction should be offered next January, just in time to graduate).

More thesis readings after dinner (I went to two more). This was also the night for the Science Fiction/Fantasy dinner. I intended to go to the dinner, a bit later in the evening, but the long days and late nights finally took their toll and I stayed in. I still did not call it a night until almost midnight, but was able to decompress and mentally recover and process the past few days.

Before calling it a night, I finally watched something that’s been sitting on my iPad for a while, the BBC one-off The Song of Lunch (it’s a visual adaptation of a lyric poem, starring Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson). I recommend it.

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