Jan 2014 Res: Day 2


I was not late. I couldn’t be late. My mentor meeting was scheduled for over breakfast around 7am. That’s how my mentor rolls. The second night is reserved for mentor meetings, but he prefers to only handle his new students during those slots, and meet with his returning students at other times. For the first meeting, he takes the full hour outlining his feedback process, going over the term contract, etc. As this was my second meeting, we had covered much of the basic contract items by email, and we had covered the business we needed to discuss in about 20 minutes.

After the first Residency, students are enrolled in one “(student) teaching session” per Res, in lieu of a workshop/critique session. This was the day I was scheduled to be in a teaching session. There were discussions of adding “monsters”  in our works (not just literal things, like vampires and werewolf’s, but applying the concept to characters, or villains), about writing the “other” (technically about “Alien Races”, but “the other” outside of SF circles).

The one that piqued my interest, however, was a discussion of using technology to help writing. Scrivener was mentioned, ho-hum since it’s my current software of choice for composing. What I was really looking forward to was the potential demonstration of Dragon speech-to-text. Did you know that the average number of words per minute that someone speaks is somewhere around 400 wpm? Holy fuck! 440 words per minute. There are times when I’m doing good to get a few hundred words per hour written. Alas, technical issues sucked time away, and the demo was not to be.

The afternoon session was a discussion of world-building xenography (alien races & creatures). That was the first half of the session, with the second half focusing on alternate world positing. We were broken into small groups, and encouraged to generate an alternate reality (aka – timeline/parallel world), then each of us how we might use that world as a story setting/what kind of story we might set in that world.

That night, there was a student run wine social. I went, with the intention of putting in an appearance (important because the place where the social was being held was only opening that night for the social…to make sure the turn out was good enough for them to look favorably at hosting us again). I didn’t leave until almost 11pm, and didn’t go to bed until almost 1am.

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