A Commercial… from/for Stross

I’ve not been shy about suggesting Charles Stross’s books to people… His Merchant Princes Series, his Laundry Series, and even Glasshouse (which I suggested be included for a “Contemporary SF/Fantasy” RIG for the MFA – it made the short list for the class to vote).

During the holidays, my time on the computer dropped to almost 0, just enough to check email a few times, but I didn’t check any of my regular site, which includes Charlie’s. Yesterday, as the new work year got into swing, I discovered this

For those not interested in following the link (which, I suggest, there’s some other good stuff there), here’s the key points:

Tor are releasing the remastered, halfway-rewritten, omnibus editions of the Merchant Princes series in the US as DRM-free ebooks next Wednesday, the 7th of January:
The Bloodline Feud

The Traders’ War

The Revolution Trade

Paper editions will follow in September 2014 to January 2015: dates subject to confirmation.

(The links are from his original, BTW)… So here’s my thing. If you’ve not checked out the Merchant Princes series before, consider getting this, the equivalant of the “Director’s Cut” for the series. If you have tried the series before (or, if you’re like me, I’ve got one book of the original six still to get to), consider revisiting for what should be a smoother experience (you know, “remastered, halfway-rewritten”).

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