Repurposing: Angus Church

Over the past couple of months, I stumbled across a Facebook group called “Abandoned Scotland” and, based on the pictures I saw, started following them. Which is where this week’s entry comes from. (I will likely continue to pull from their site, because a) it’s Scotland, and b) I think what they’ve got going on is a good thing, and it’s my way of encouraging them to continue and for others to check them out.)

Right, here’s why I picked this week’s item. It’s this picture, in particular…

It’s an unnamed church (the site has it labeled simply “Angus Church“, but some comments may have outed the location). I have a thing for churches, appreciating the community and history that older buildings have stood witness to. That appreciation goes even further when considering the construction and artistic details of a space.

But then there’s the unexpected thing, that when those places, or a picture, becomes an unintentional go-to image. I’ve been reading Joe Hill’s NOS4A2 in preparation for my next MFA Residency, and there’s a scene where one of the characters goes to an abandoned church near his home, trying to find some clarity…and when he leans back in a moment of “asking for a sign” promptly receives a mouthful of pigeon crap. For some reason, this was a major part of the image that came to mind (with quite a bit more stained glass).


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