Recapping: 2013 – Goals & Resolutions

Now that we have crossed into 2014, let’s take a look back at what I had hoped to accomplish this past year.

I had mentioned last year that, “Instead of “Resolutions” I’m going to invoke “Goals”… I think I was already leaning that way last year, but I think “Resolution” suggests something to complete. Some of the things on my mind are more about progressing towards… not necessarily completing.”

1) Improve my consistency… working on time management, my BIC/WOP (Butt in Chair/Words on [the] Page), and my general productivity.
This saw improvement, mostly later in the year. I did some experimenting (which I’ve been meaning to detail here properly), and found some tricks that work for me that I intend to incorporate from the top of the year. That experimentation worked well enough to get me across the finish line for a (very rough) first draft of the thesis, which is a plus.

2) Work on improving my fitness & reducing my weight. I have a 10 month old. The day job is sedentary. Writing is likewise a generally sedentary thing. Improving the physical aspect should lend itself to keeping up with my son, as well being conducive for slinging ink. And slinging ink then improves # 1 above.
Meh…I shaved a few pounds (I now float between the 210-215 range, where at VP a year ago I was claiming 225 for the sake of accommodations for the Cessna).

3) Continue reading – another post to follow, since I have a challenge to discuss… [The point of that other post: See how close to reading 100 books in a year I could get.]
I managed 24 complete reads (3 of which were re-reads), as well as significant portions of a handful of others.

4) Make progress on some domestic projects that have been idle for far too long… photo scans, cleaning out the garage, etc.
Results have been mixed, but will be of primary concern the first few months of 2014 with two more kids on the way.

In short, lay some new foundations.


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