The Neverending Story on MVM

Two things about this week’s selection.

First, a shout out. Do they still call them that? Fine. A dedication, then. This one goes out to all of my fellow Seton Hill Popular Fiction people.
(For those not in the program, we have four monthly deadlines per term. The clock for each is based on the last day of the preceding Residency. This term, the last deadline falls on the 30th. This last deadline is usually rife with frustration and rushed feelings, since the story doesn’t seem to always cooperate until the 11th hour. Maybe that’s just me.)

Second, MC and I were at a conference. Readercon in 2010, I think. As we wandered the Dealer’s room, we found a copy – in hardcover – of the book. Did you know that the movie really only covers the first half of the book?

As long as it’s been since I sat down to watch the whole thing (the original, not any of the  sequels), it’s still one that I still find myself referencing. Just the other day (as I write this), MC and I were in a position where we found ourselves peering through a window high in a door, I whispered, “Oh no. Math Test.”

Now, that it’s almost the 30th, I guess I can say, “Oh, no. Deadline.” 


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