Time Travel: A Thought Experiment

As someone with an elevated interest in the Time Travel trope (remember that Worldcon presentation from Reno, 2011?), I found this post from Charlie Stross’s blog interesting food for thought (which was triggered by another article).

 Why can’t women time travel? —asks Anna Smith in The Guardian, in a rather interesting op-ed piece on science fiction. While focusing mostly on movies, she’s got a good point; women are seldom the protagonists of first-person time travel stories, especially in cinema. And while I can think of a number of exceptions in written fantasy and paranormal romance, I’m coming up with pocket-lint in genre SF.

There’s not really a point in having an argument. Despite any evidence to the contrary, the majority of both pieces is spot on, the more I “sits and thinks” about it. Few women are shown as time travellers, and even fewer are given lead positions in those stories. Yes, there are exceptions (I’m sure MC would be quick to remind me of Gabaldon’s Outlander series), but those are the minority [and, I would argue that, while Time Travel is an element of the story, it’s not a novel that is classified as genre SF; it’s usually shelved under “Fiction”].

Which, as a story seed, gets me thinking: what might that kind of story look like and how might it play out?

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