Did he just say Spelljammer?

Yes, I said Spelljammer, and I bring it up because someone else said it. Specifically, said it like this:

The Daedalus Incident is, in part, a historical fantasy in which the Age of Sail plays out amongst the planets of the solar system instead of the seas of Earth… Someone described it as Master and Commander meets Spelljammer.

With a plug like that, how could my curiosity not be piqued? As a disclaimer, I first read about this from a piece over at Mary Robinette Kowal’s site, but the line above comes from something over at Scalzi’s.

The Spelljammer allusion alone is enough to make me check it out. Of the original six actual Spelljammer novels from the early 90’s, I’m missing only one. It’s still a setting/idea that I want to play with in fiction. Almost makes me want to break out the original box sets I have in storage.

(image from http://michaeljmartinez.net)

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