Scrivener for iOS (an update)…

I think I’ve mentiond before that I have been using Scrivener for most of my long-form writing. While I envision switching completely over, it’s a debatable point for short fiction, especially the way I work (writing longhand, then typing it all up). Sometimes it’s just easier to dump it all in Word and keep going it the story is only ten to twenty pages.

That might change when the iOS version finally happens. No, it’s not out yet, but as mentioned before, it is in the works, and it’s release will make me happy for other reasons. Chief among them? I won’t have to haul my Laptop around if I want to type up pages for the Novel-in-Progress. Since that first post, back in March 2012, i’ve sporadically gone back to the company’s site to check for updates, with nothing new.

Then I found this the other day. (Yes, it’s been out since April. Sporadic visits, remember?)

The frustrating part for us is that, for the past four or five months, we have had a version of Scrivener for iPad that is in many ways so nearly there and yet still not ready for beta-testing. We hit snags with the rich text system (or iOS’s lack of one) and building the synchronisation code is incredibly complicated because of Scrivener’s package-based file format, but we had most of the other basics in place and felt we were really making good progress.

But they had some other issues to address, which involved having to bring in a second iOS developer.

For those that haven’t been by the L&L site for a while (like me), I wanted to spread the news… It’s still one I will definitely be looking into when it finally rolls out.

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