Other Literature and Latte News…

It appears the folks that have brought us Scrivener also have another product avaialble now: Scapple. It looks like a form of mind-mapping/idea-mapping software, but I haven’t had the chance to explore it enough to get a feel for it, or to compare it with features already present in Scrivener, to see how well it works. Nor have I had the chance to watch the intro video they have on the site.

What I can tell, however, is that it looks like it could be useful for outlining and timelining projects. I’m also wondering how integrated it might be with Scrivener (ie – could I drop and entire “map” in as a “research” element, or would only the individual notes copy over?). Something interesting to explore through their trial version. I’m currently looking at their Manual to see if I can get a concept feel for how it works.

If you’re on a Mac, check out the page. It might be something that could be useful.

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