Something to be Grateful to Wal-Mart for…

One of my fellow SHU folks shared this on Facebook, and it got me thinking. Here’s a reason I can like Wal-Mart, even if it’s an indirect reason.

I know what you’re probably thinking: but it’s Wal-Mart? I know, I know… it’s an okay place to shop, but for a variety of reasons that I won’t really get into here, it’s not my first choice of a go-to destination for all of my shopping needs.

Anyway, consider this:

That’s from an abandoned Wal-Mart that was someone saw as an opportunity, and converted into a public library. Go here for the full piece, and well as some other pictures. The reason to be grateful? Wal-Mart built (and left) the shell, which meant it was more of an “upfit” than a new build.

Now what can we do about all of those other empty big-box stores?



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