Architectural Repurposing… (a new series)

MC and I watch a lot of HGTV. And by “a lot” I mean, it’s one of our regular channels that we don’t mind leaving it on if we feel we absolutely have to have the television on, and it’s something we don’t mind exposing JH to. (I mean, really – have you seen some of the other stuff that out there, even designed for kids? And there’s only so much available for kids under 2, after about 10am.)

I think I’ve mentioned before that growing up, I enjoyed watching things like This Old House or  New Yankee Workshop. Even The Woodwright’s Shop, sometimes, because it was working on projects by hand (read: no power tools). One of the reasons I think TOH appealed to me then, and definitely one of the things I enjoy about most of the home improvement shows now, is the demo and reconstruction. Taking the existing bones of a structure and modifying it into something new(er).

Which brings us back to HGTV. One of our favorite shows (well, mine, at least), is You Live In What? After the recent post about how an abandoned Wal-Mart was repurposed into a library, I thought it would be fun to look at various repurposing projects – both things that have been done, and things that should be (or, to lament their abandonment)…

Another aspect of the series, just to keep things interesting, will be to include what I think are cool architectural things that would make either interesting structures to repurpose in the future, or neat things to steal from life and repurpose into fiction.

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