A Writing Excuses Q&A

I’ve been an advocate for the Writing Excuses podcast before, but will also readily admit that I was late to the party. They were somewhere in their fifth season [and they are in their eighth at this writing], when the Hugo nominations came out before the Reno Worldcon, before I found out about them. Since then, while I haven’t listened through all of them, I have downloaded all of them, and they are resident on more than one portable listening device.

This year, they held their first “Retreat/Workshop,” which is where they recorded the particular episode I’m pointing you all towards. It’s a Q&A session, which I admit to not having listened to yet. However, in the episode write-up (which I first read on Mary Robinette Kowal’s site), there was one item that hit me square between the eyes… and is why I feel the need to share.

To Dan and Howard (and Mary): When you had full-time work, what did you do to “reset” when you came home from work, especially since your job used the same parts of your brain that writing does?

It’s a topic that I think most creative people can connect with, especially most of my fellow SHU & VP folks.

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