Writing about Dragons: A Writer’s Reference

Brandon Sanderson. If you are in any way inclined towards Speculative Fiction, the name should ring a bell. For readers, he’s the guy that finished off The Wheel of Time series, among other (epic) fantasy series. For writers, he’s one of the main players responsible for bringing us the Writing Excuses podcast. Wait, that’s not right. The multiple-Hugo-nominated Writing Excuses podcast. That’s better.

Some months ago I stumbled across something that I bookmarked on my home computer, and have meant to share here, but as things are wont to happen, it kept slipping off the plate. A couple times it rolled right off the table and under a cabinet to hide. Like dragons do. While I was at my MFA Residency a couple of weeks ago, I was mentioned the site to a few people, and encouraged them to check it out.

Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s this website called Write About Dragons. The simplest way to describe it is that it’s a video series following Brandon’s teaching of his fiction class at BYU. The lectures were recorded in 2012, and are posted in the order they occurred during the semester. I’ve tinkered with them, watching snippets of a few but haven’t tried to make it through all of them (yet).

Which leads me back to spreading the word. If you are into writing Spec Fic, this is a site worth checking out. A word of warning, however… the site doesn’t appear to like Internet Explorer, but the videos appear to also be listed on Youtube.  Here’s one to get you started…


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