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A Few Words from Recovery…

No, not that kind… not directly, anyway. My MFA residency was last week, which involved two days of 9-hour road-tripping (one day up, one day back). On top of that, add in a few days before that where I was recovering from some kind of crud (that recovery, mind, overlapped a few days of the residency and the drive north), while dealing with some other family issues, in addition to the 4th of July holiday… and it’s been a busy two weeks for me.

After getting home Monday, I’m only now really feeling caught up/back to normal on sleep patterns. I have notes that I would like to write – recapping events from the Residency (not to mention clearing a slew of draft posts that I’ve been meaning to write for a while).

While I’ve not written anything significant (read: for the thesis) since getting back, I’ve gotten a mental second-wind… I’ve found a degree of excitement that was lacking for most of the last few months, and was especially vacant during the lead into this past semester. I’ve been thinking a lot about not only my thesis project ([theatrically] blocking out several of the key-scenes-still-to-come), but also the short story that I had turned in for the Residency workshopping.

So, I’m still here, and getting back to normal. Expect more soon…

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