Nobody’s Hero on MVM

I’ve had this week’s selection before, but not as a MVM selection, and it’s been over two years ago, so here we go.

I’ve been pretty up front about being a Rush fan. I first got turned on to them around 1991-92, after Roll the Bones was out. I was given dubbed tape copies (pulled from CDs) for several of their “bigger” albums – Moving Pictures, 2112, and Roll The Bones, among a few others.

Counterparts was the first of their albums that I got while it was still “new” – as in, recently released. I remember going to the PX on base, and being surprised to find it in the “Sight and Sound” section, in the long box sleeves that many CDs used to come in. Surprised, I say, because these were the pre-internet days, and just about the only way to find out if any new albums were out – especially for a high school kid – was to actually go to a “record” store.

I remember listening through the album, and latching onto Nobody’s Hero song as one of my favorite tracks. First, because the arrangement is so different from most of their cannon… Alex’s acoustic work makes the verses lighter, a nice counter to the content of the lyrics.

Almost twenty years later, I still think it’s one of their most powerful songs.


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