Hauntings… sort of

I’m not, by general nature, a horror person. Or am I?

I don’t do overt horror movies if I can at all help it.  My older sister suckered me in to watching Poltergeist (the first one) with her, so she wouldn’t have to watch it alone. I’ve seen some of the 80’s standards, of course (some of the Friday the 13ths and Nightmare on Elm Streets) and even Screams, but many of the other franchises? Not so much.

I’ve found, however, that I don’t seem to mind horror elements in my fiction. Sometimes, I even find myself thinking of those sorts of stories myself.

Which is where this is going… While I was working on the last post, I noticed another piece that tickled my fancy, especially because I sarted writing a story a few years ago that elements of the asylums mentioned could play a role in.

Wth descriptions like:

On the grounds of the hospital sat the Gaebler Children’s Center, which many of its former residents have described as being akin to a prison, with the children strictly disciplined and frequently sedated.


…a patient who had been strapped down for so long that his skin had begun to grow over his restraints. Other patients were chained up while naked for months at a time.

How can you not think of a horror story? Follow the link to the article to see some of the pictures and read about them for yourself. There are even some video clips (long photo slideshows). 

Really… go get your creepy on.

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