Stupid Writer Tricks…

Cribbing the idea from a post I recently saw at Chuck Wendig’s site

He list’s ten things… while I’m sure at some point I will find myself agreeing with almost all of the items on the list, there are two that I’m alreadyfully on board with (and a couple of others that I’m sort of on the fence about)…

The Tiniest Outline Of Them All: The last 50-100 words you write at the end of your day should be a note to yourself detailing just what the fuck you should write tomorrow.

Yeap. Unless I have a come to the end of a moment and what follows is obvious, I can’t suggest this one enough. In the middle of an arc when your brain goes to mush? Write what you’re thinking the direction might be to jump start the next session. This is what James Scott Bell calls the “Headlight” method.

The WTF Code: Sometimes you’re writing and you hit a part in the story where you’re just like, “Nope, no fucking idea what happens here…”

I started doing this after reading an essay by Cory Doctorow. I adopted the “[TK – (note here)]” code Doctorow describes just because it allows me to get words on the page if I can’t remember a name or detail that I wrote earlier, or not worry about getting lost in research for a potentially complicated moment that will need some planning before it gets written.

It’s a good list, and given time I’m sure other tricks can be added, like those listed in the comments over there. Go check them out.

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