Some ebook musings and B&N Frustrations…

One of the things I love about the ebook revolution is the ability to snag samples of books. As a writer, it affords the chance to look at opening pages for a variety of texts to see how the stories start – how the reader can be hooked or the larger story suggested in the first few lines.

I have landed on the sided with Barnes & Noble (over Amazon), mostly due to the ability to walk the aisles of a store and browse. There’s still something to be said for the tangiblity of handling physical books.

Which leads me to some grumblings over their web interface. I have close to 8500 samples in the collection. Random stuff, or entre cannons from authors if I thought one book looked/sounded interesting. Even if I were to shave off the duplicates (samples in the library that were deactivated when the file was modified or had price changes and I later rediscovered and re-added them), I would still be well over 8k samples.

I was flipping through the “library” today, as I sometimes do, looking for things that might be on sale and crying out to be acquired. Two issues I have with how their online system is designed.

1) Items can only be sorted by Date added (“Most Recent”), Title or Author. No option for sorting by Price. It gets frustrating as hell to have to scroll through individual pages to look for what might be discounted (even at 60 items per page – the max setting, I’m looking at clost to 150 screens)… wchich leads to…

2) What the hell’s up with the time-out function? Is it an issue tied to the particular browser? Used to be I could log in once, and be good for hours of flipping through items. Recently, though, and it was especially frustrating today, I can’t go more than 10 pages before it locks and prompts me to re-log in. Heaven forbid I try to delete one of the duplicates. I tried that once and had to re-log in again.

Anyone else having similar issues?

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