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Gettin’ the Led Out on MVM: 5/6

Last year, Led Zepplin was honored at the Kennedy Center. They were saved for the last to be honored during the ceremony, which meant I was up a little later than I had wanted, but the medley was worth it.

As you could probably guess, if you didn’t watch the original broadcast (or seen it since), yes, Stairway was included, and was a great way to close the show.  Here is the entire segment from the ceremony…

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Wisdom from Uncle Willy

There’s a video that has been circulating, that Wil Wheaton featured in a blog post, of some advice that was asked of him at a recent convention.

While specifically about being a “nerd”, the heart of the message is something that any parent can appreciate. Which is why I’m sharing, as much for others to find as for me to have and share with my son when he’s older.


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