Words about Synopses

Earlier this semester, one of the required items for submission for the MFA program was a synopsis of the proposed thesis project – something I’ve never written before…  Most of my classmates had not written one before, either. There were lots of conversations over the holidays asking about formatting, what to include, etc.

Which is why I’m sharing this, that was shared over at Magical Words  the other week…

Your synopsis is about the character arcs contained within your story.  Your goal, in writing your synopsis, is to tell about your main characters (usually two, possibly more if you have a really complicated, 250K or more epic on your hands).  You are *only* going to tell plot details when you have no other way to describe what happens to your characters, how they change, mature, grow, etc.

Now, if this had only been shared six moths ago, we might not have languished so much about formatting.

The linked post was written by Mindy Klasky, and a week later she shared this, a synopsis “for an as-yet-unsold novel.” Nice things to have as references, if you’re not a seasoned synopsis writer.

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