Outlining, Another way to rethink the strategy

I mentioned here that I’m under a week away from a semester ending deadline (then about a week before another one for submitting information for the next Residency for the MFA program, then about a month from that until said Residency)…

Part of the crunch I’m aiming to work on over the next few days is to do some outlining for the remaining half-ish of my thesis novel. Which is why I’m sharing this, today… it’s a recent post from Magical Words that touches on this, and even gives a slightly different spin from what I’ve usually read.

… uses a three act structure which she breaks down into four sections (she separates the second act into two parts).  Each section has a midpoint and an endpoint and each of those points should be a “Holy &*#%$!” moment — some kind of game changer that drives the plot in a new direction.  This creates a series of mini-arcs between each point — action that connects the dots.

And there’s even a graphic (pulled from the post):

I encourage you to read the linked post above for details…

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