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Toes… on MVM

I first heard the Zac Brown Band a few years ago, and actually can say I started listening to them as they were emerging into the mainstream (I have since gotten all of their studio albums), and have regularly been listening to at least one of them each week while at work.

This week, I offer up the lead track from their first album… “Toes.”

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Shoving… on MVM

I just realized it’s been a while since I’ve shared some Soul Asylum. Here is another track from Grave Dancers Union, “Somebody to Shove”

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Facebook testing…

It has come to my attention that the sharing option that I have been using (allowing posts here to also be shared to Facebook), has become broken recently, with no hint this time through my hosting service. I’m not sure if this is due to recent Facebook upgrades (again), but after deleting and resetting, let’s see if we can get things to work again (for the next few weeks, until Fb does something else to change their setup)…

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A Quick One, While He’s Away…

I realize that I have been quiet here for the last… wow, few weeks… I have news on some fronts, updates on others, and a lot of other things going on (project related) that has been keeping me nose deep in the word mines.

Which is all to say, i’m still here. I’m just otherwise engaged… more later.

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Rush Induction Day!

Today is the 2013 edition of the induction ceremony for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A ceremony that will see Rush being inducted, many would say, well past when it was due. (Rules indicate performer’s eligibility begins 25 years after their first album/studio release. By that measure, they’ve been eligible since 1999. This was their first time on the ballot.)

The actual ceremony won’t be (formally) available until 18 May, so their actual performance selections are still to be revealed. I have a sneaky suspicion, though… I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of the songs they play… Unless they go for the entirety of 2112. I guess it depends on how much time they are given to play.

Edit to add: Then there’s this article, which was emailed to me this afternoon.

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Flying… on MVM

I imagine it can be difficult to move from one mega-successful act to another. Dave Grohl, however, managed to do so and reinvent himself in the process going from Nirvana to the Foo Fighters. I will admit not following the Foo Fighters closely – I do have some of their stuff in my library. One of the things that I like in the earlier videos is the group having fun.

Hence, this week’s pick. Note most of the “characters” are variations of Grohl himself. Also note the cameo by Tenacious D (Kyle & Jack) in the opening moments.Now, let’s “Learn to Fly.”


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Nirvana (for Real)… on MVM

So, last week’s entry was a parody version, and to be fair, this week I bring you the original Nirvana version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”


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Nirvana… on MVM

Well… sort of. This is April Fool’s Day, you know. so where’s the fun in being 100% straight-shooting? This is actually Nirvana, by way of Weird Al, which seems fitting considering the day.


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