Hey, Not So Close… on MVM

One of the things I appreciate in my music is wordplay. If that wordplay has signs of intelligence behind it, even better. Which is a true story about this week’s selection from The Police. The song itself is all sorts of great listening but there’s one line in there that, with a little bit of outside knowledge, makes the song that much more intelectually punchy. The line references “… that book by Nabakov,” and “that book” is Lolita (later filmed by one Stanley Kubrick).

I was in a film class when I started taking classes for my MA – controversial books/movies – and Lolita was one of the movies that we watched for the class. Knowing the story arc from that context alone gives the song that much more of a creepy element (much like one of their other chart topping singles, which may be featured in a later installment).


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