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Steven Gould Running for SWFA President

This one if for all of my other VP-ers, is case they haven’t heard, or seen it for themselves, yet. I just saw this over at Scalzi’s site:

On July 1, the organization will have a new president. Steven Gould has announced that he is running for the position. This makes me happy, and I fully and unreservedly endorse him for president of SFWA.

I don’t know who else is on the ballot, but I think I speak for most other Viable Paradise alumni that wouldn’t be against seeing Steve “Without a Hat” Gould* as SFWA President.


*Inside joke for VP Alums… For those without the context: Steve Brust, who also teaches at Viable Paradise, was referred to as “Steve with the hat” during the orientation. At least, this was the case during VP 16 when both were present.

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Rollin’… on MVM

I mentioned before that I was late to the Limp Bizkit party. I was aware of a few of their earlier singles, but it was Chocolate Starfish that finally got me on the train (and Results May Vary kept me on a little longer).

This week’s selection was one of the songs (by nature of the beat) that helped hook me on Starfish. Funny thing that I noticed just now was the cameo that Ben Stiller has in the opening moments of the video.

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