Something I May Have to Consider…

I have, on the table, an offer to study at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. It is an Unconditional offer (on their end), but the biggest hurdle at the moment (on my end), is the finances: international tuition is, shall we say, not as easy on the wallet. But there are scholarships available (besides just straight financial aid), and being applied for. The outcomes of those applications will play a huge part in whether we move, or not.

(For the record: Plan B for Scotland is already on the table – a good long trip at some point after graduating from the Seton Hill program.)

That being said, should the funding work out, Charles Stross – who lives in Edinburgh, mind – recently posted something that I will have to keep in mind regardless of whichever trip ends up happening: jet lag.

The second type of jet lag, west-to-east, is the real killer… Traveling west-to-east, each time zone you traversesubtracts an hour from your day. Or night. And in the case of trans-Atlantic journeys, this is usually combined with a red-eye flight — for example, departing and 8pm and arriving 6-7 hours later, but 10-12 hours later according to the clock in your destination time zone.

Doing any international traveling soon, but with little prior experience? Check out the full write-up for things to consider.

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