Yet Another Reason Writer’s Should Read Wil…

Wil Wheaton, that is. He’s a geek. He owns it, and anyone that has an inkling of a clue about me knows that somewhere there are all sorts of geek bits in my DNA. But that’s not it. That’s just the tip of the iceberg that led me to seek him out in the early days of the internet, wondering “Whatever happened to…?” That was driven by my interest in both Stand by Me and, of course ST:TNG. I didn’t visit his site regularly in those days. No, that didn’t actually start happening until maybe six years ago.

And here’s why I keep going back, and why I think many of my fellow Seton Hill people or Viable Paradise crew should to (if their not already) – or anyone else, for that matter, that may be into writing. In many ways, many of us are in the same boat in terms of writerly XP – working on that first novel. Sure, he’s got more publishing credits in a variety of forms – but none of them are novel length.

Then he drops little things like this:

I realized that I have all the tools I need to write stories of any length, even if the longer stories are outside of my comfort zone… I know how to write a novella or even a novel, but I’ve been afraid to try it and fail. I’ve spent a lot of time worrying that, at any moment, Carrie’s mom will spring out of the closet, covered in knives and shriek at me, “THEY’RE ALL GOING TO LAUGH AT YOU!!”

Which strikes to the core of something that has been a major thing for me the last few months, a little soul searching and self-appraisal as far as my own writing goes.

I read Wheaton’s blog because in addition to his geek/acting stuff, he is a writer, just as insecure as the rest of us, and still near the start of his own (prose) writing career. And I wish him well.

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