Discworld… There’s an App for That!

I’m a few days late on the news, but I found this interesting: there is now, apparently, an app that will let you explore that magnificent jewel on the Disc that is Ankh-Morpork.

For about $14.

I’ve only just read the first book in the last couple of months, so much of the detail would be overwhelming (or, lost, since I wouldn’t have the same points reference as an avid reader). However, I find this to be a fascinating thing.

It’s an interactive map! Huzzah! The gamer part of me is thrilled. The fantasy reader/writer part of me is intrigued. I realize that not all authors, nor all book series/world, would rate enough marketability to warrant similar apps (Harry Potter, likely could. Dresden Files, maybe, but the point is “established audience” would be the key determinant). But the fact that it could be a possibility, that we are in an age where such things can be created – for the fans, that’s just phenomenal.

For those that are big into Discworld, here’s a new thing you can play with. Those just into the possibility of interactive maps (and with an extra $14 to spend), looks like you can get a god fix here, too.

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