An Interesting Scrivener Thought…

This one is for my writer people that may not (yet) be regular visitors to Magical Words. Specifically, for those that are Scrivener users.

In case I haven’t mentioned it: I first heard about the software from reading Charles Stross’s blog where he mentioned it a couple of years ago… late 2010. I thought it sounded interesting, a checked out the site, and downloaded it after a laptop upgrade in early 2011. I tinkered with it, but started actively using it for projects in the past year,

One of the things that I did before really jumping in to my Thesis WIP (novel) was spend a little bit of time setting up my own template – which meant using the stock Scrivener design, then adding or altering some of the lables. (Disclaimer: I used David Hewson’s as a guide, but not as gospel.)

Which is why I am sharing today’s post from Magical Words. Mindy Klasky, the post’s author, offers up a screenshot of her Scrivener setup.

And I saw two more things that I hadn’t thought about when I first created my template but, in hindsight, makes a huge amount of sense: Acknowledgements & Plot Summary [or, as I read it: Synopsis].

Which is why I am sharing… Those of you into Scrivener, check out her post and see what you think.

  1. #1 by Pete Denton on February 16, 2013 - 12:24

    I do like Scrivener. Thanks for the links. 🙂

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