SHU WPF: 2013 Jan Residency (Day 5)

The final day…

Like last time, with the graduation  scheduled for the afternoon the educational modules were flipped to the morning slot. On this day, it was the last of the required, pre-assigned, modules: Revision (run by Lawrence Connolly).

Personally, I think this one (at my stage) was worth the mileage. It helped to actually see the honing/tightening process and get a better understanding for how to edit my own pages (or ways to look deeper at someone else’s), especially where the exposition is concerned.

After lunch, it was time for a short workshop session (only two stories, instead of three), a brief break then graduations. Many of us planned a bit more conservatively this time (staying an extra night instead of having travel plans soon after graduation… planning for weather may have been a factor). Many members of the program (staff and students) went out to various places after the reception for a proper dinner (I was with one of two groups that went to the Olive Garden).

Then it was time to away to the hotel, pack, and prepare to leave the next morning.

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