SHU WPF: 2013 Jan Residency (Day 4)

Another day, another round of workshops first thing in the morning. (My selections this day: mixed genre pieces.)

After lunch, it was time for the first (“program students only”) session with Kevin Hearne, our guest speaker. I don’t have my notes in front of me, so I can’t really go into the meat of his talk (which lasted three hours, and he broke down his agenda early – three different topics at an hour each, with a pause between topics for questions), but I can say this with full ease: he was engaging, entertaining, and provided good enough information that it didn’t really feel like three hours had flown by.

From the afternoon session it was time for dinner – and this time it was the Mystery dinner which turned into a small affair.

Then it was time for Hearne’s evening session, which was an even open to the public. Followed by a book signing. Where he sold out. Sold. Out. He was signing for over an hour (and I was near the end of the line…)… then it was back to the hotel.

Now, a few thoughts about Kevin Hearne. I may have heard of him before he was slated as the guest for the residency – from browsing stacks at the local B&N – but I can’t say for certain. His book series sounds interesting (Celtic mythology? Sure!), and is something I’d be willing to give a shot. Eventually, under normal circumstances. After this experience, though, much like some of the other people I have had good Con experiences with, I am more inclined to move his books higher on my list. Definietly worth checking out his website.

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