SHU WPF: 2013 Jan Residency (Day 3)

Day 3 was a Monday.

Part of the SHU WPF experience is a “Teaching” class, which carries with it a follow-up requirement of leading an hour-long presentation during the following residency. Those “student teaching” modules are conducted as part of the Workshop rotation, and are assigned to all of the students except the 1’s/first termer’s. (To clarify – anyone that is a 2 or higher gets assigned to one of the “student teaching” sections, each section being run by 3 people. This time, there were six possible sections where someone could have been placed.) My assignment to experience the student teaching was here.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the greatest (as a whole). There were moments where I felt like either the person presenting was just phoning it in (since planning a module is a “required element”), or they felt passionate about their topic but it just didn’t connect with me. Maybe it was slight dleep deprivation starting to take its toll. I heard mixed reviews from other people sitting in other sections with similarly mixed reviews – some of the presentations were great, others, not so much. Which, I guess, is likely to happen anywhere.

After a lunch intended for critique groups to taslk and plan for the coming term, it was off to the afternoon module: Setting and Research (one of the required/pre-assigned sessions). The session itself was good, but I’m too far removed now to articulate specific high points.

That evening, I sat in for two more thesis readings before leaving campus for “evening activities,” chief among them being the SF/Fantasy dinner before going back to the hotel.

The SF/Fantasy dinner was unique in that there was a “reading contest” (selection or story of under 1000 words). There were about 14 people reading (including myself – I read my “Horror that is Thursday” story from Viable Paradise, to generally positive reviews) out of over 40 people that were there.

Then it was back to the hotel to recover an prep for the next day – and the guest speaker presentations.

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