A few updates…

I have been doing some behind the scenes stuff recently, so here’s a little bit to catch you up:

I’ve finished prepping the Music Video Monday entries through April… some good stuff, and plenty of throwbacks peppered with some newer music.

I’ve started trying to make a serious push to clear my “drafts” queue, which is going to explain a few of the “old news” pieces that will be popping up in the next couple of days…

Yes, one of those entries includes thoughts on Lance’s admissions from last week. Those thoughts are more complex than just a knee-jerk brush off, which is part of why it’;s taken a little time to put them in order.

In the academic arena, I regret to inform you, dear readers, that I have not made it through the first round of screening for a Fulbright grant. (If you recall from here, the goal for the scholarship would have been for funding the first year in Scotland for the PhD. I can’t say I’m not surprised, I sent in what I had but was still missing a couple of reference letters that hadn’t arrived by the time I had to finalize the application.)

In other academic news, my contractual commitment for pages this term runs around 80 – around 20k words for those wanting to run numbers (assuming 250 words per page). Personally, I am aiming to finish a draft of the novel by June (when the assigned mentor is slated to change), even if I only share the first 100-ish of those pages with my critique group. More on the novel later…

But, that’s it… still here, still working, and trying to bring you more stuff.

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