SHU WPF: 2013 Jan Residency (Day 2)

Another day at residency, another blur of experiences.

While technically the second full day of the residency, this was the day the workshopping began. I was scheduled to have my submission done today, which was what it was.

Workshops in the morning, and the afternoon session was one of the assigned modules for 2’s: Point of View. There were a lot of handouts, and a lot of good information… and I am still digesting all of it some six hours later. I went into the session with echoes of Elizabeth Bear saying “Point of View fixes everything” (from Viable Paradise), and it’s still ringing in my ears.

This was also the evening of the “Mentor Meetings.” Last June, i had to have a phone conversation with mine so this was the first time I was actually able to sit down with him in person. I was first on the schedule for the evening, so it turned into a “dinner meeting” in the cafeteria before he moved to the library for the rest of his scheduled students.

(For those future souls reading this with an interest in the program, remember: each mentor will be different, and their approach will be different, as will each writer’s previous experiences and writing levels vary. The goal of the meetings is to outline plans and goals for the coming semester’s writing term.)

My next few months are planned – goals for the program (written on the contract), as well as my own personal goals (exceeding what has been contracted).

After a group of us had finished our meetings, we high-tailed it to a restaurant near the hotel to hang out, decompress, and try to otherwise unwind.

Now, it’s time to start preparing for tomorrow’s schedule…

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