SHU WPF: 2013 Jan Residency (Days -1 & 0)

Here we are, getting back into the trench that is the Residency, and preparing to sling another semester’s worth of ink. With the drive being what it is (long), and events started tonight (the opening/welcoming session), I left yesterday and drove about half-way last night. After a good night’s sleep, I finished the drive today so I could arrive: a) early enough to be relaxed/not rushing to get to the campus on time, and b) arrive during daylight hours in the event of snow/icy conditions.

Thankfully, the roads were clear the entire drive. Due to the route the GPS had plotted out, I ran further up 95 that I would normally like (aka – to close to DC for my tastes) and ended up driving west through most of Maryland. It wasn’t until getting really into the western part of the state that I say any significant patches of snow. And despite the low temps (bottom 30s), it was really only bad when the wind was blowing – but with long sleeves and the 45-seconds it took to go from the car to the inside of a building at a rest stop along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I managed fine.

I arrived early enough to get well settled into the hotel, make a grocery run for a few refrigerated items that I hadn’t brought with me, and even grab a bite to eat – and still have time to relax before heading to campus.

The mixer was the usual thing, but this time, it was different. It was a return to something, not a fresh start. There are people that I know, a network that I am reconnecting to. As a “1” (first-termer) there were the nerves of getting a footing and learning how the system works. Now, as a “2” that “learning” hurdle has been cleared. Now it’s time to just engage with the ride.

Which starts promptly tomorrow morning. Time to get snoozing.

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