A Brief Update of Sorts…

We are now well enough into 2013 that I feel the need to offer a small degree of disclosure… Time is fleeting (cue RHPS/Time Warp, if you are so inclined).

It’s amazing, in one sense, to have such great plans and ambitions, only to have time bite you in the ass when said ambitions run smack into the wall of the holidays, travelling, and family time. Add to the equation a nine-ish month old, and wanting to spend time with him because he a) is awesome, b) it’s rather poor spousal-partnership to force MC to have to deal with everything with him AND the house, and c) have i mentioned he’s awesome?

Such is the way things have been for the past few weeks. I have a slew of things I want to mention, post, or otherwise talk about, but between the hollidays and getting ready for my first trip to a Winter Residency for my MFA program my writing time has been limited to a shade more than scarce.

I say all of that to say this… I am planning on using some of my down time (such as it may be) while in Pennsylvania to sling some serious ink and make a dent in some of my otherwise deferred writing plans.

More soon.

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