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The Future… on MVM

Two of the better axe-slinging country musicians on the circuit are Keith Urban and Brad Paisley. Of the two, Paisley is the one I have not seen in concert. In additiona to his guitar skills, one ofthe other things that I like is his sense of humor and wordplay in many of his song lyrics. Equally resonant, though, are some of his more humane touches, like this week’s selection.

It’s New Year’s Eve, today… see you in the future!

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A Little Urban… on MVM

Keith Urban puts on a good show, and when he get going on the guitar he can wail with the best of them.

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A Little Mode… on MVM

I found Depeche Mode after I was in college. There was a friend of mine that was very into that style of music, and most of the time I was over at his place one of his staple albums that he would play was Black Celebration. Two albums later came Violator, with this week’s track as one of the lead singles.

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Still Ticking, Just… Well…

It’s not a unique phenomenon for time to evaporate in exponential increments during the run into the holiday season. Seem’s like much of mine has been sneaking away to have early parties without me…

I have quite a few things in mind that want to be said… just not yet.

Soon. Yes, soon. Once I can get a few of those missing minutes back from the pub, or old Fezziwig’s place…

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The End of the World… on MVM

Unless you have been living a sheltered existence, you assuredly have heard the  whisperes on the wind about the 2012 Mayan Prophecy. Much like Prince’s 1999 was burned up by radio stations on 31 December 1999, I expect this one to get an uptick in airplay (if it hasn’t already).

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Stormdancer, a Review

Disclaimer: My reading was a little skewed, spread over months instead of days, due to this thing called “school” and readings that I had to do for class. With that said, here are a few thoughts on the novel.

(image cribbed from Jay Kristoff’s site)

I’ve not read much “official” Steampunk before. I’ve had Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker on my shelves for a while, and came *this* close to starting it over the summer, but didn’t. One of the selling points for the novel, to be quite honest, was Patrick Rothfuss’s cover blurb:

“What’s that? You say you’ve got a Japanese Steampunk novel with mythic creatures, civil unrest, and a strong female protagonist? I’m afraid I missed everything you said after ‘Japanese Steampunk.’ That’s all I really needed to hear.”

See why I was intrigued? I picked up a copy just after it was released, and started it while I was in Martha’s Vineyard at Viable Paradise. Long days and fatigued, fuzzy-headed nights were not the best environment to make much progress with the novel. For someone with very sketchy Japanese familiarity, some of the vocabulary – honorifics, etc. – could be cause for stumbling points*.

But… but…

Even the periodic tripping over the honorifics is worth it if you have any interest in either Steampunk or anything vaguely Japanese (ie – Samurai, Bushido, etc.). Did I mention there’s a Thundertiger (a form of griffin)?

Two things that the writer in me picked up: a few moments where his word choice felt like it was too modern for the tone of the text (in those few moments I couldn’t really think of something that might fit better, but I also didn’t try too hard – I understood the context and kept going). Nothing significant enough or often enough to bother most readers, and I mention it as an observation.

The other thing, what I really liked and appreciated, was how it was written structurally, and how the epilogue loops back to a moment much earlier in the story as a potential foreshadowing for the second book.

Right, I’ll stop there with this last bit of advice: look for a copy, give it a spin.

*Note: I had similar issues with the “slang” in Burgess’s Clockwork Orange. The issues lessened, but occassional words would pop up that could still be problematic just because of the unfamiliarity.

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Colorado Trust… on MVM

I got plugged in to 3Oh!3 a few years ago, thanks to the constant radio airplay of this week’s pick. After hearing it often enough, I broke down and checked out the full album Want (sampled through iTunes, and liked the samples enough to then buy it). A good cruising album, but not for listeners with sensitive language tendencies.

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