Thought Experiments…

If you haven’t gone to his blog, Charles Stross throws several out. Sometimes they are just things he’s thinking about because they are relevant to a project he’s working on – which he may or may not explicitly state in the presentation. In those instances, they are a nice glimpse under the hood, to see what is going into the uber-background thoughts of a project. I confess, though, that several of his experiments have left me a little cross-eyed when I’ve tried reading some of them (often, at work, where I’m not really able to fully focus on the content), but I appreciate them nonetheless.

Other times, however, like this one, while just beyond my chance to really engage with it (again, at work), wisps of the post started tickling my imagination, made me start thinking about possible stories.

I mention this here for two reasons: 1) to pimp out Charlie’s blog (not that he really needs it, but still), and 2) reference the specific article for later recovery. Yeah, dwelling on it could be that useful for me soemtime down the road.

Go. Read. Ponder.

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