NaNoWriMo… Just Saying No.

This year, at least… indirectly.

Unlike Scalzi, I don’t (yet) have the “professional author with deadlines” (or, as he mentions, recovering from deadlines) thing going on.

And I’m not hating on NaNo here, either. I think the idea is a good one, and any effort taken towards participating is still “making art” and should be commended.

In my previous attempts, however, I have come in significantly short of the 50k work threshold that desginates a “winner,” a trend I don’t see changing this year between the class requirements coupled with an 8-month old.

Which lead to the decision.

But I am not planning on completely avoiding the NaNo concept this month. I was doing some goal planning last night (specifically geared towards the next two months, until I go back in Januay for the next MFA Residency). What do I have on tap over the next two months? Here you go: rewrite the set of pages I sent in for my October packet (related to the MFA thesis) [about 20pgs], begin revising the first 60 pages of the manuscript, add at least another 20k words (clost to 100 pages) to the same manuscript. On top of some other (much smaller) projects.

Same idea, implemented a little differently.

For those doing NaNo: write fast, and good luck!

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